The DelFly Project

The DelFly project aims at developing a very small autonomous flapping wing MAV. This involves many challenging design aspects such as mechanics, materials, aerodynamics, electronics and control. The strategy of the DelFly project is therefore to follow a top-down approach: the focus is first on developing a fully operational and autonomous system (which is not the smallest), and then the step to a smaller scale is made.

The DelFly project is one of the many projects from the MAVLab at Delft University of Technonolgy. The MAVLab is involved in many different types of projects that involve MAVs, both at the small scale of the DelFly, as well as on larger systems with several meters wing span. Get in contact with us via


Kluyverweg 1
2629 HS Delft
The Netherlands

The MAVlab is located in building 62 of the TU Delft campus (Map)